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Desert Tools


Desert Boomerangs are used by men to beat the rhythm to accompany singing, and for hunting. They are not the returning type. Image showing Alye (Boomerang)

Alye irlpakerte

The number seven boomerang is a weapon that belongs to men. They used to keep them to fight with or finish off kangaroos if they were still alive after spearing them. Image showing Alye irlpakerte (Boomerang)


The spear thrower was used by men to increase the distance and accuracy of the throw. Image showing Amirre (Spear Thrower)


Spears were used by men to hunt big animals like Kangaroos and Emus. Image showing Irrtyarte (Spear)


Shields were used by men when fighting to protect themselves. Image showing Alkwerte (Shields)


Stone knives were made by men from silcrete and quartzite and used for cutting meat and making wooden implements. Image showing Ayweke (Stone Knives)


These sticks are sharpened at one end and used by women to dig for grubs and water, for killing lizards and as a walking stick or weapon. Image showing Atneme (Digging Stick)


Flat rocks were used as a clean surface to grind up seeds for food and plant material for medicines. Image showing Athere (Grind Stone)


These carrying dishes were used by women to carry plant foods, grus, honeyants & babies and to seperate husks form seeds to grind up for flour. Image showing Urtne (Carrying Dish)


These small bowls were used to dig with, for scooping water to drink from soakages and rockholes. Image showig Pmware (Carrying Bowl)

Compare with Sonoran Desert culture.