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Welcome to the Alice Springs Desert Park

"People wonder what it is that is so special here and it is because everything comes here. We connect to it, we're a part of it. Our Country is our home, and we know all the sites and all the features, our rocks, our trees, our hills. We come up with our Country. We come up with it and feel it so strongly."

Doris Kngwarraye Stuart - Apmereke-artweye - Mparntwe (Alice Springs) Custodian

Get red sand on your shoes and experience the true outback

The Desert Park Summer program has commenced running 1 November until 28 February. Check out the program here.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and mystery of Australia's deserts.Wander through the ancient landscape. Experience the animals of the night. Discover the diversity of desert plants. Be inspired by ancient living cultures with local Aboriginal guides. Marvel at the energy and spirit of free flying birds.

Download a short video on the Desert Park (wmv)

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