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Our Values

A collage of images of the Alice Springs Desert Park

The Alice Springs Desert Park presents and interprets the Australian desert environment and its inhabitants, and contributes to the conservation of Australia's desert flora and fauna. The accuracy, authenticity and appropriateness of its presentation and interpretation and the quality of its scientific work are essential.

The Park site is of significant cultural importance to the local Arrernte people and includes parts of the Akngwelye Artnwere and Yeperenye Altyerre (Wild Dog and Caterpillar dreaming stories). Hence the Desert Park provides a sensitive and realistic insight into Aboriginal culture by display and interpretation of the traditional use of plants and animals and with regular liaison with local indigenous groups. This ongoing process has resulted in the Traditional Custodians of the Park site experiencing a strong sense of pride and ownership in the attraction.

We want visitors to leave the Park with an increased desire and ability to Respect, Enjoy and Look After the Australian desert environment and its inhabitants. These three key values therefore underpin everything that we do at the Park.

We aim to Respect, Enjoy and Look After: